A Day in the Life with ADHD as an Adultier Adult: Part 1

Waking up

5:30 A.M.

Morning. I hate morning. That's not true. Morning is fun. Morning is fresh. Morning is new. Morning is early. I hate early, not morning. Morning is ok, I guess. Wait, why am I putting word to thought this early? Hippie? Nope. Already at work. Is my alarm going off? No. Maybe... nope. Kiddo isn't awake yet. Puppy? Nope. Still being a furry body pillow. Oh! Maybe I should get another body pillow! The last one kinda sucked. Wait. I don't need to be awake right now. It's not even light outside. Close eyes. C'mon...sleep. Sleep. Sleep: A piece by Eric Whitacre that I sang my junior year at the Luther Summer Music Academy. LSM. I miss those people. Some of my campers have babies now. Babies. Is mine awake? No. Should I have another one yet? I mean, we're almost on our feet financially, and I'm not getting any younger, but babies keep you from-OH DANGIT I'M SUPPOSED TO BE TRYING TO SLEEP. ...Do I need to pee?

6:49 A.M.

SERIOUSLY?!?!?!?! I wake up one freaking minute before my alarm goes

6:50 A.M.

off??? There is no justice in this world. *hits snooze* Why did I do that? I know good and well that I won't actually go back to sleep. I'll just delay getting out of bed. Speaking of bed, should we get a new one? I mean, we WILL have an extra room at the new place, and this one collapses into a twin. Collapse. Fall of the Roman Empire. Our current state of affairs. OMIGOD am I going to have to learn to fight like a gladiator? Because I'm so not that badass... ok, I am. But I hate seeing internal organs, and no way do I want to face down a lion. I get nervous just looking at them in zoos. Zoos. Zoos are cruel. Caging animals that are meant to be wild is just mean. I hated being in a cage, invisible though it was, I can't imagine how they must feel. Maybe I should consider being a vegetarian? Nah. Stephen would get nervous if I told him I was giving up red meat. I know what it does for my anemia. Maybe I should just get more pro-active with taking iron?

6:59 A.M.

WHO DECIDED THAT SNOOZE SHOULD EQUAL AN UNEVEN NUMBER?!?!?! Ugh. That bugs me. Not enough to get out of bed though I'll just lay here and wait until Eli wakes up. Will he be excited or angsty about school today? I never know. He does love the new teacher. What was her name? Chelsea. That was almost my name. Names. What will we name the next one? If there IS a next one? Should we try now? I mean, not right NOW because Hippie is at work, and human creation is one thing I definitely can't do solo. Solo. I haven't sung in a long time. Like, SUNG sung. I miss singing. It felt like flying. Flying. I haven't been anywhere in half a decade, but Paris is still my favorite place. Paris. Character in 'Gilmore Girls'. I wonder if I'll ever get to act on a show like that. That'd be fun. That'd pay well. We could maybe even buy a house. Maybe even with a decent... Oh, that's Eli. He's up. Time to start the day. 

7:02 A.M.

Am I even wearing pants?