‘sup, teach?

Posted on September 8, 2014 


Dear Reader,

I survived my first day of teaching voice lessons. What are my thoughts?

1. My kids are ADORABLE. Seriously, they show up ready to work, and actually listen to me.
2. Their parents are involved, but not in a bad way. They are supportive, want to know what their kiddo is learning, and aren’t just trying to fill the time between school and bedtime.
3. Thank GOD I’m hyperactive. Because my cartoon-esque personality catches their attention, and keeps it.

Overall… I’m in love. I forget how much I love working with young singers until I get to do it again.

More, and more, I can’t help noticing that I’m becoming my mother. Get out of college, and be “done with classical music”, only to eventually find my way back through the teaching of the littles. I’m ok with that.

I meet my second batch of students in a few hours, and I could not be more excited!

In theatre-y news, the break has been lovely. I may not be ready to head back to rehearsal just yet, but I am ready to start working. I need to read me some plays, dadgummit! I need a character to research. I need a concept to start chewing on. In short, it turns out that I need an acting fix. As much as I’m enjoying my downtime, it hasn’t even been a month, and I’m already getting twitchy without having material to work on. Apparently I love what I do. Crazy concept, right?

In domesticated type news, my boys are great! The hippie is still a cooking fiend, Eli has decided that crawling is a waste of time, and is trying to teach himself to stand without mommy’s help (noooooooo!), and I have finally vanquished the tiny assholes that were living in my pantry.

What was that you ask? What tiny assholes? I’ll tell you. Pantry moths. Disgusting, starch invading pantry moths. We had to get rid of all the food in the pantry (bye polenta), scrub the pantry down with vinegar (multiple times), and then chase tiny fluttering things yelling “die, you cruel winged, interloping, bastard” whilst swatting them with a fly swatter every time we saw one hiding in the pantry after the initial purge.

Ok, so the yelling was unnecessary, but it felt good at the time. Getting rid of that many organic groceries hit us where it hurt, and we needed to hit back.

Until next time, dear readers.

A “They were even stupid enough to try and pro-create in our Cayenne pepper. It was…gross” me

P. S. Alas, the media file uploady thingamabob isn’t functioning, so you’ll have to wait for a current pic of our standing, trying to toddle little man. Shorry.