First Weekend Post-Mortem

Posted on July 28, 2014 in Uncategorized

Dear Reader,

Holy flying cars of the future, Batman! WE DID IT!!!!!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, we have now opened all three shows of our first season without having a dress rehearsal for any of them. Utterly terrifying? Yes. Do I hope with all my heart that we never have to do that again ever ever ever ever ever ever ever? HELL yes. Am I still insanely proud of the fact that we pulled if off, and pulled it off well?

You bet your boots. The good pair. Not the shit-kickers.

I found her. Terry was relatable, likable, vulnerable, a little insane near the end, and ultimately; human. Mission accomplished.

Now I just have the task of not slacking off for the next three weekends. *gulp* It’s so easy to allow myself to get comfortable in a role once it’s familiar, but if I do that with this chick, I’m sunk. If I let myself relax too much she won’t be what I need her to be: herself. She is a high control, high maintenance, nice person, who never stops being a teacher for one moment. “Relax” is not in her vocabulary. Her idea of down time is finding the most intricate classroom project possible (you KNOW she is on Pinterest), and making each one of her students their own, individual version of said project. She is a little tightly wound, and while I myself can chill a little, I can’t stop feeling the need to work with her, or she will be a little too “honey, just sit down and have some tea while we talk about our feelings”. Or something to that effect.

BUT for the moment, I am going eat some celebratory bacon, and focus on the important thing…WE DID IT!!!


Go Mom, go!