Live from the stage/my workspace

Live from the stage/my workspace


Jessica Lemmons

After years of training and performance with two major dance companies, I began study majoring in Vocal Performance at Abilene Christian University, where I graduated with a Bachelor of Music degree in 2010. After interning at the famed Lutheran Summer Music Academy and Festival, I went on to teach dance at Pure Energy Dance Productions and became an original resident ensemble acting member of This Is Water Theatre.

I balanced my day job with personal creative work, teaching voice and dance alongside mothering and acting with some writing thrown in on occasion. My passion for the arts coupled with my extensive work teaching numerous performance mediums has given me the unique opportunity to give my students the full experience of both learning and understanding my passion in the hopes that it becomes theirs as well.

My creative approach—no matter the medium—is to find meaning and joy in each endeavor, and to convey that to my students in a way that feels real to them, enabling them to take it with them when the leave my classroom.





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